Human Recources in Mongolia


Human Recources in Mongolia

For the past 2 years I’ve been developing recruitment consultancy as a line business for my previous company and to be honest with you, it made me more cautious on the expectation that I was giving to my client. I mean to find a balance on what I promise and deliver.

The biggest challenge to every company that is being established in Mongolia is to find a right persons with knowledge of both Mongolian Market and multinational skills at the same time. Sometimes you find Mongolian candidates with great English skills but who somehow forgot their native language and has very little knowledge about Mongolian market, on the other hand, you come across guys who could make a killing in any business they touch, but the lack of English communication would become a barrier.There are a lot of criticisms recently appear through Mongolian media, stating that nearly no fresh graduates can possibly find a job, as any business entity in Mongolia require at least 2-3 years of working experience. So if every company would require working experience, how possibly the students would get that experience. Fair enough question, however, from the Company side, they have invested in this business to make profit, they are not NGO, NPO  or a an educational organisation to hire bunch of freshmen and teach them what they were supposed to learn back at college, high-school or even basic morals which they were supposed to get through their day to day social communication, family upbringing……. Let’s not go there!

I am 99% confident that right at this moment Ministry of Labor and Welfare or its related offices are discussing on this main topic on how to improve unemployment issue for new-grads where the Ministry would probably end up setting some quotas on how many new-grads should get employed by every foreign and local investment company each year. This is a right path and hopefully Ministry will set up the appropriate regulation soon.

What should be the fair compromise? Let’s go to the fundamental: I am sure many companies would share my belief that Human Force is the most important and the BIGGEST ASSET of any company, not the technology, not wealth, not cash generation. History knows some foreign businessmen who made an investment to Mongolia just to try to get a “Jackpot”, not any of them as I remember did actually succeed. It mainly ends up in the arbitration with resolution that in the beneficial to Mongolian Government. “Zolotoi Vostok” is the most recent example. I understand that many of the readers would have different opinions on this, but what I am trying to say is that by investing in Mongolia, investors purpose is to benefit and when they benefit from this country, they should also leave something valuable for us, Mongolians to use afterwards. I am not talking about money, buildings or good memories… Experience.
By doing very little, lets say hiring only 5-10% of your staff new graduates, you will be giving opportunity for younger generation to become some of the greatest professional, even leaders in the future. These positive experience they might be able to use not only for your competitors when they decide to change their jobs but for creating a good in the political sector. Some great businessman said once: ”Why can’t they manage the government the way I am managing my company?” By developing good future professionals, companies invest in their own future wealth and prosperity. Isn’t it a good policy for every company to start to implement?

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